What Every Doctor Ought To Know About How To Strategically Create Financial Independence.

Dr. Sam Hazledine, Founder of MedCapital

As a doctor you earn more money than most people and you work such long hours that often planning for your financial future gets put off.

Because you earn so much during your lifetime we have created a wealth mastery model just for doctors like you, that we call Exceptional Wealth, and is built on the core principle of ‘do no harm.’

Today, wealth is disproportionately distributed to ‘insiders’ – people with the inside knowledge and access to ‘wholesale’ investment opportunities.

MedCapital helps doctors to think, plan, invest and enjoy wealth like an insider.

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What We Offer

We believe that anything is possible, that any individual can be exceptional, and that exceptional people change the world.

Our purpose is to help you manage your tax and accounting needs and to optimise your entire financial life to ultimately achieve financial freedom, so you never have to worry about money again.

Here are some of the financial services we provide.  We’ve created a personalised ‘Exceptional Wealth’ model for specifically for doctors so you can maximise your financial position and build a recurring income to move beyond practice sooner:


  • financial planning,
  • tax and accounting,
  • business/investment/retirement structures,
  • wealth management,
  • insurance, investment,
  • asset allocation,
  • debt management,
  • banking and finance, and wealth distribution.

MedCapital was co-founded by Dr. Sam Hazledine and David Le. Together they have been working with doctors to create wealth for over a decade. They have been through the global financial crisis and helped doctors to protect their capital, and they have helped doctors to grow their portfolio to achieve financial independence.

Sam Hazledine is the Ernst & Young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and is the founder of Australasia’s fastest growing medical recruitment company, MedRecruit, and the medical community MedWorld. With MedCapital these three companies are focused on helping doctors to live exceptional lives by assisting them to be financially free, have careers they love, and be living in ways that empower them, because that ultimately means they practice better medicine and the patients benefit.

Together, Sam and David realised that they could achieve so much more for doctors, so MedCapital was born.

  • Doctors Who Are Ahead Of Schedule for Retirement 6%
  • Doctors Without A Will 45%
  • Doctors With Less Than $500,000 for Retirement 40%

3 Ways MedCapital Will Help You


The first step to creating financial independence is to protect what you already have.


The first step to creating financial independence is to strategically grow your wealth.


You’re a doctor.  You work hard.  What’s the point if you don’t use the money you’ve earned to enjoy your life?

How To Overcome The Three Personality Traits That Tend To Cause Doctors Financial Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m thinking about investing, what’s the single most important thing?

When you consider the fact that as a doctor you earn a lot more money than most people it probably won’t come as a great surprise that the single most important thing when it comes to your financial health is the same as the single most important thing in medicine – do no harm.

Warren Buffet has two rules for investing:

  1. Don’t lose money
  2. See rule number one

If you start  saving when you’re 25 and investing 10% of your income at a 10% return, then you’ll have $15M when you retire.

You can live a very high quality of life both now and when you retire if you don’t do anything stupid, if you don’t take unnecessary risks, and you apply a model so you can systematically and responsibly build your wealth.

Are you guys accountants?

Yes, and no.

Generally accountants will process your tax returns, but they don’t help you create a total financial plan for your life.

We help you get clear on what you want and how much income that will require, then we apply the Exceptional Wealth model of Protection, Growth, and Enjoyment, so you can have the best chance of getting what you want at the lowest risk.

And yes, we are accountants and will also process your tax returns!

Why do I need a financial plan?

If you don’t have a plan for your money then someone else probably does.

As a doctor you earn a lot of money, but that alone won’t make you set for life. It’s critical to have a financial plan, and to execute on that plan, to build income producing assets in a low risk environment to ultimately replace your income when you retire.

If you save just 10% of your income and build it at a 10% rate of return, you’ll retire with $15M. You don’t have to do anything silly or take risks to have an exceptional quality of life.

I’m young, do I need to start investing now or can I just leave it?

The life of a medical student and junior doctor is one of deprivation. Long hours, debt, personal sacrifices, and little sleep. It’s no wonder doctors want to reward themselves when they start work.

And there’s no shortage of people looking to accept that money from you so you can live the life you ‘deserve’; to get the big house, the flash car, to reward yourself with an expensive holiday. Despite having huge student debt.

The big problem this causes is that it delays you structuring your finances and investing for your future. To put this in perspective, if you save $20 a day and invest 10% of your income at a 10% rate of return, if you start at age 25 you’ll have $3.8M when you retire. If you delay until you’re 35 you’ll have just $1.3M. And if you are really smart and invest 10% of your income from age 25 then you’ll retire with $15M. The power of compounding is huge, any delay very costly.

I’m smarter than most people, I can beat the market, right?

Doctors are used to being the best and not failing. You are well above average in terms of raw intelligence and income, and it can be tempting to think you can size up investment s as quickly as you can take a patient through triage.

So many doctors think they can ‘beat the market’, but generally speaking no one beats the market. Warren Buffet has a bet going with ten of the top hedge funds that they can’t beat the market through actively trading it. They are seven years into the bet and the market is up three times that of the top hedge fund. If they can’t beat the market with their teams of experts and researchers, then what chance do you have

It’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market and having an asset allocation strategy that means you’ll do well when the market is growing, you’ll mitigate loses when the market is falling, you’ll be OK in inflation, and you’ll be OK in deflation.

I’m interested, what happens from here?

The first thing we need to do is to get together to understand you; your goals, your aspirations, and you financial situation.

We will then apply the Exceptional Wealth model to build you a plan to have a great quality of life both now and after you retire. The plan will be a responsible one that obeys the principal of ‘do no harm’ to growth your wealth systematically and responsibly.

Your plan will cover the foundations of Protection, Growth and Enjoyment.

With regards to protection we’ll create a plan for you, ensure you have the right structures for Business, Investing and Retirement, and ensure you have the most appropriate insurances for your income and your assets. We’ll then take ownership of reviewing that plan with you regularly, and reviewing the parts of the plan such as your insurances to ensure you are getting the best deal.

With regards to growth that’s about investment and debt management. We’ll ensure your investment portfolio has a sound asset allocation strategy to protect you not matter what the market does, and we’ll review your debt regularly to ensure you have it in the most tac effective structure and are paying the best rates.

With regards to enjoyment we’ll create a pre-retirement distribution strategy so you have a great quality of life you, so you enjoy the journey and stick with the plan, and a post-retirement distribution strategy so that when your income stops you have adequate income from your assets to replace it so you can maintain an exceptional quality of life.

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