Three Steps to Stress-Free Financial Independence

The Three Steps To Stress-Free Financial Independence



You don’t have to become a financial expert, but you do need to know enough to start thinking like an ‘insider’, so you can take ownership of your financial future.


This starts with getting clarity about what you want, then developing a strategy to generate cash flow, from income-producing assets, to ultimately replace your income. The plan needs to be reviewed annually at a minimum, and when there is any major life or economic event, to ensure that it continues to deliver what is required.


It’s important to get the right structure for your Business, Investment and Retirement. Each of these areas of your financial life needs to be considered separately, so you are set up for optimal protection and efficiency.


Your most valuable asset is you, so risk management should start with protecting you and your ability to generate income. In addition, your other assets need to be protected with appropriate insurances and structures. These insurances all need to be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain appropriate and you are getting the best deal. Furthermore, structures for asset protection need to be set up before assets are acquired as it can be very costly to restructure at a later date.



The cornerstone of intelligent investment is asset allocation and how you diversify your portfolio. This is to ensure that no matter what the market is doing, whether there is inflation or deflation, your portfolio is sound. Remember, no one can predict the market so your asset allocation strategy is critical to maximising the upside while minimising the downside.


Not all debt is created equal. Your debt management strategy ensures debt is held in the right entity for tax deductibility, and it builds in regular reviews to make sure the interest rates and terms are optimal for you.



Investment is not all about having a great retirement; it’s also about enhancing your life in the immediate term. A sound plan has a strategy to help you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.


Your financial plan works towards building income-producing assets to replace your income when you retire. Most plans build assets and forget about the income part of the equation, but you don’t live on assets, you live on income. Execution of a sound strategy means you never have to worry about your money running out.


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