Exceptional Wealth Model

The Exceptional Wealth Model

Incorporating the three elements critical to financial success; protect, grow and enjoy, the Exceptional Wealth Model has been designed exclusively to provide a robust strategy on which to build your financial plan.

Everything we do adheres to the model to ensure that you have the best chance of achieving your goals in a secure and sustainable way.

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    The first rule of wealth is to protect what you have. This is the foundation of everything we do and forms the basis of your financial plan so you can grow your wealth responsibly and sustainably.

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    The second step is to create a responsible plan to grow your wealth using proven and tested asset allocation and debt management strategies to maximise the upside while minimising the risk.

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    A financial plan must build in enjoyment to be sustainable over the long term. We will help you create a custom plan for an exceptional quality of life both now and when you retire.

Helping you to think, plan and invest like an insider

As a doctor, you earn an above average salary, but working long hours combined with family life and other commitments means planning your financial future isn’t always a priority. As is often the case with many of the doctors we speak to, this could mean you are missing out on opportunities, or making one (or more) of the common financial mistakes.

This is where MedCapital can help. Our Exceptional Wealth Model is based on the core principal of ‘do no harm’. We believe a sound strategy, well executed, will deliver what you want and need so you never have to worry about money again.

Financial planning is complex. Depending on what you want to achieve, it often requires co-ordinating your accountant, lawyer, banker, mortgage broker, insurance broker and other industry professionals. Often, high-level financial planning and wealth generation is disproportionately distributed to ‘insiders’ – people with the inside knowledge and access to ‘wholesale’ investment opportunities.

At MedCapital, we help doctors to think, plan, invest and enjoy like an insider, so you can feel confident in your financial situation.


1) Free Financial Health Check

In medicine you diagnose before you treat. Similarly, when it comes to your financial health we need to take the same approach.

A free, no-obligation Financial Health Check is the first step towards getting your finances on track.

A 30 – 45 minute discussion with one of our specialist Private Wealth Managers is an easy way to review your goals and circumstances so that you can gain a clear understanding about the options available to you to achieve your idea of financial success.

2) Membership

Membership provides a complete financial solution. With a full range of financial services available, it acts as a gateway to comprehensive financial management.

Annual membership provides the following;

  • Access to an individual Private Wealth Manager
  • An individual tax return
  • An Exceptional Wealth Plan tailored to your individual needs and updated annually as your circumstances progress and develop
  • Support and advice regarding the implementation of your Exceptional Wealth Plan
  • Access to and coordination of a full range of financial services and strategies required to help you achieve your financial goals
3) Strategy meeting

To ensure proposed actions compliment all areas of your finances, our team of specialists sit down together to analyse the information you have provided.

Together they identify potential strategies, test them against your circumstances and choose the best outcome for you.

4) Exceptional Wealth Plan

Your Exceptional Wealth Plan is a clear road map leading you towards a better financial future.

Designed in accordance with your goals and circumstances, your EWP will detail actions that will be implemented to rectify areas in your current financial situation that would benefit from improvement. It will timeline strategies and services that will be incorporated over the coming year and into the future to help you achieve your short, mid and long term goals.

Coordinated by your Private Wealth Manager, your EWP will be strategically executed to ensure it is sustainable and efficient.

5) Plan implementation

We strive to make financial management easy.

Now that you and your Private Manager are clear on what your goals are and why they are important to you, we provide and coordinate the systems necessary to achieve them.

Communicate, work with your Private Wealth Manager and anything is possible – they will do everything in their power to help you live an exceptional life.

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