Six Common Financial Mistakes Doctors Are Making

Six common financial mistakes

As part of our Financial Health Check, we will assess whether you are making any of the six most common financial mistakes. 82% of doctors are unknowingly neglecting at least four of these key areas. Unaddressed, these issues lead to overpaid tax, missed investment opportunities and unacceptable risk.

  • 1.

    Lack of a detailed budget

    Leading to insufficient investments, future debt challenges and missed growth opportunities

  • 2.

    Inadequate or non-existent tax planning

    Leading to a career of overpaid tax and even potential fines

  • 3.

    Unplanned superannuation

    Creating sub-optimal returns, poor structures and insufficient balances when needed as an income stream for a stress-free retirement

  • 4.

    Incorrect asset and income structures

    Leading to a lack of protection for major financial assets and higher tax costs

  • 5.

    Suboptimal debt structure

    Resulting in excessive, non-deductible, personal debt, lost deductions for your business and a higher tax burden for years to come

  • 6.

    Insufficient insurance coverage and structure

    Leading to personal, financial and career risk and major family financial pain and hardship if things go wrong, and in the event of a life payout massive tax bills on receipt and in the future (that can be avoided)

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