RNZCGP Quality Symposium 2017

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Next week, on Thursday 27 – Sunday 30 July, MedCapital will be attending the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in Dunedin.

Despite Doctors being amongst the highest income earners, financial worries have consistently been cited as one of the top factors that have negative impacts on doctors’ stress levels and lives. Further research shows that stress causes emotional disconnection and depersonalisation with patients, which in turn leads to increases in major medical errors.

Contrary to “do no harm” being at the very core of the medical profession, inadequate financial management is causing harm to doctors and consequently to their patients.

So why are doctors suffering due to financial stress?

As a Doctor, life is busy and your income opportunities are somewhat unique due to the variety of work circumstances.

To manage this effectively doctors should take a similar approach to the world of medicine, by bringing together a team of professionals with sub-specialties working as a team to deliver the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, the field of finance is generally not set up to cater to doctor circumstances. Rather than working together, each individual professional; an accountant, an insurance broker or an investment banker work separately on their own pieces of the puzzle without considering the wider picture.

At MedCapital our Exceptional Wealth Model caters exclusively to doctor finances, incorporating the three core components of wealth mastery; protection, growth and enjoyment. Coordinated by a Private Wealth Manager your finances are managed holistically to enable you to achieve optimum financial health.

With financial wellbeing accomplished, stress is reduced and overall doctor wellbeing is improved, in turn, patient care is enhanced.

We are committed to ensuring that you exceed your financial goals which in turn will enable you to become carefree when it comes to your time and finances. It will allow more time to focus on yourself which will result in you being the best doctor you can.

If you are attending this conference then come over to our stand and say hello. A member of the MedCapital team will be there to answer questions and give you further insight into how we can help you. For more information about the conference, or to register please visit the website here.

If you aren’t able to attend the conference and would like more information then please email us at info@medcapital.net and let us know how we can help you.

Jessica Pearson

Client Service Manager


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