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Guaranteed best rate for your home loan

When it comes to your home loan, there are really only two things you probably care about:Getting the best rate

  • Getting the best rate
  • Making the process easy

Getting the best rate

MedCapital Finance guarantees you the best home loan rate.

It costs banks over $40,000 in marketing costs to secure every home loan directly, and if they go through a broker they pay commissions of up to 0.6% in the first year and 0.2% in subsequent years.

Where do you think that money is coming from?

Clearly those are fees that you end up paying.

At MedCapital Finance we don’t have any marketing costs and we don’t pay brokers. That means we can offer you rates that are generally at least X% below the best in the market.

NB MedCapital finance can loan up to 80% to a maximum value of $XM.

Making the process easy

Because your information is with MedCapital, the process of obtaining a loan is incredibly easy. We get the information once then take care of everything.


The most important bit that you probably forgot to consider – structuring

When it comes to your home loan, there are tax options that can optimise your situation. At MedCapital we will look at strategies to structure your debt in the most tax efficient manner. This can save you up to 45% on the real cost to you.

This is the bit a bank won’t tell you about, but it can make the biggest difference to you.

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