From Sam – Taking Control

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 After a few really poor financial decisions that I made as a junior doctor, I decided that I needed to take control and get a team to manage my money.

I got myself an accountant, a lawyer, a financial planner and a banker. “Sorted” I thought.

They all cracked into it. The accountant would just advise me to pay off debt. The banker encouraged me to take on more debt. The financial planner advised me to buy shares and the lawyer was happy to charge me no matter what I did.

“This is crazy” I began to think. They were all making decisions that benefited them, and I realised that there was no actual plan that they were working to.

The best way of looking at it was that they were all working from their own model of the world, the worst way was that they were all coming from their own self interests.

So I fired my team, reassembled a new one, and got the same advice.

I had read about the ultra wealthy and their ‘family offices’. I thought this was a brilliant way to manage wealth; a single person managing a team of financial people working to a plan. “This is what I need!” I thought excitedly.

But finding myself far from ultra wealthy I couldn’t find that service anywhere. Every accountant advertised themselves as ‘proactive’ but none were. No one actually questioned the broken model and did anything differently.

The crazy thing is that I literally had to set up MedCapital to get this service for myself, and to provide it to my colleagues.

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