Our Story

MedCapital is a financial management company working exclusively for doctors.

Despite having the potential to earn good money, many doctors delay their retirement due to financial insecurity. Furthermore, doctors have unique financial situations, which can be difficult to manage successfully on top of a busy career and family life.

MedCaptial co-founders, Dr Sam Hazledine and financial services expert David Le, recognised a need to reinvent financial management for doctors. Together, they developed a system based on the three core principles of financial success; protect, grow and enjoy. MedCapital helps doctors to achieve their financial goals strategically by designing, implementing and coordinating a tailored Exceptional Wealth Plan. Operating on an exclusive membership only basis, a team of experts coordinates a full range of financial services, to provide clients with the confidence that all areas of their finances are accounted for whilst removing the leg work associated with sophisticated financial management.

Through MedCapital, MedRecruit and MedWorld, Dr Sam Hazledine has been helping doctors to live exceptional lives for over a decade. In October 2017, in conjunction with 4,583 doctors, Sam successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva to include doctor wellbeing; “I will take care of myself so that I can take care of my patients”.

Sam’s passion for promoting doctor well-being lead him to question why financial stress is consistently cited as a predominant factor effecting doctor burnout. Research led him to conclude that the regular financial service market is not structured to adequately manage doctor’s unique needs. This combined with the time restraints doctors experience often results in opting for quick fix solutions that neglect areas critical to financial success. MedCapital was born.

Designed with doctors in mind, MedCapital strive to minimise financial stress by making their services accessible, affordable and showing people what is possible.